Vibration Analysis

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A Personalized Remote Vibration Analysis Service available anywhere in the World

  • This is ideal for production facilities with no vibration experts on site.
  • Cost-effective for initial troubleshooting support for routine vibration analysis
  • Customers simply collect vibration data and I will analyze the data via VPN if the company IT policy allows it.
  • If a company has a remote Vibration System Installed such as Vibcloud or another brand then I can also analyze this data if given access.
  • If you are using Commtest Ascent software you can send your vibration data via an attachment
  • The vibration data will be analyzed to ISO 10816-7:2009 and a complete report prepared and presented with sound recommendations to assist with corrective works orders.

About the Owner Robert Smith

Innovative and results-driven 24-year experienced Vibration Analysis, Reliability Superintendent and Maintenance Trainer with an impressive 40-year record in delivering sound maintenance results. Experienced in identifying and implementing solutions to maintenance problems with hands-on lead-by-example and dedication to maintenance excellence with the highest emphasis on safety.

Why Vibration Analysis?

Every factory or process plant has rotating machinery like Pumps, motors, gearboxes other types of process equipment. All these types of equipment incorporate shafts, couplings and bearings. As bearings and couplings wear, shafts go out of alignment and structural looseness occurs and vibration starts to increase eventually leading to equipment failure and downtime. Vibration analysis allows you to detect early signs of machine failure/deterioration and helps in preplanning all maintenance tasks as well as any unavoidable downtime.

What Machine Faults can be detected by Vibration Analysis

  • Rolling Element Bearings: inner race defects, outer race defects, cage defects, bearing misalignment, bearing looseness & lack of lubrication.
  • Rotors and Shafts: Unbalance, bent shaft, misalignment, eccentric journals, loose components and rubbing,
  • Gearboxes: Tooth Meshing faults, misalignment, cracked, broken or worn teeth & eccentric gear, mechanical and structural looseness
  • Couplings: Shaft misalignment unbalance, mechanical looseness
  • Electric Motors: Cracked or broken rotor bars, Phasing problems due to lose connectors, Eccentric Stator, Uneven Air Gap, structural and mechanical looseness

A Reliable and Flexible Service

The program is flexible to suit customer needs. Critical and auxiliary machines can be added at the customer’s discretion to fulfil maintenance strategy requirements.


Food and Beverage


Power Generation

Other Industries can be catered for

On call 24/7

With my nearly 40 years of experience in industrial maintenance, it is realized machine conditions can change at any time in a 24-hour day. If required I can text or call and will go to the vibration database to assess the actual condition.

Cost of this Remote Vibration Analysis Service

Very competitive rates and quotes are available on request.