About Robert Smith

Robert has roles as Tradesman, Maintenance Supervisor, Plant Inspector (Oil & gas), Predictive Systems Analyst, Condition Monitoring Technical Specialist, Maintenance Training Coordinator, Reliability Supervisor, and Reliability Superintendent.

I provide cost-effective Remote Online Maintenance Training, Technical Writing and Vibration Analysis services.

Innovative and results-driven Reliability Superintendent and Maintenance Trainer with an impressive 40-year record in delivering good maintenance results. We are experienced in identifying and implementing simple solutions to maintenance problems with a hands-on lead-by-example style which fosters a culture of teamwork, shared mission, and dedication to maintenance excellence with the highest emphasis on safety. Robert has worked in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Mali, West Africa and Egypt in Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas, Timber and Food Industries. Robert brings a wealth of Industrial Maintenance experience that will assist your company in equipment reliability and maintenance best practices.